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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Cookies and personal data

By using this website, cookies can be used to improve performance. These cookies contain settings and configuration information, such as the current language in which the website is to be displayed. However, the cookies do not contain any personal data and can not be used to identify and dissuade website users.

When logging in, encrypted and session-based cookies are set so that the website user does not have to constantly log in again after logging in. These types of cookies are set only after a successful login and can uniquely identify and verify the user towards the server. The login cookie can be deleted from the function "Logout". At the same time the login session expires.

Use of our redirect services

While using the BAVS programs and our DNS services, you will be redirected to many dubious and partly also reputable domains to other domains. You agree this redirects when you use our services. We assume no liability for damages caused by failures of our services.

Entitled to functionality of our services

There is no entitlement to functionality of our services. We assume no liability for damages caused by failures of our services. The BEP team can quit the BAVs service at any time and without naming any reasons. For the user, there is in this case no claim to compensation.

DNS queries and Privacy Policy

The BEP team create no DNS log data on DNS queries to our DNS server. Our server does not answer every DNS request with the correct IP the server you want, because this, for example, does not meet our Community Guidelines. However, this function is used in the BAVS services to Protecting our BAVS users. While installing our programs BAVS informations are sent to our server. This is used to improve performance for our users. With this information we can expected the traffic estimation, and plan our server the expected traffic so that we can prevent bottlenecks and performance degradation. These agree with this approach as they use our services.

Program Code

The user agrees that he does not change our program code or parts thereof used in other programs. Files and Black lists must not be copied or used in modified form for other purposes unless written permission from the copyright exists.